Stay ahead of mold. Automate your humidity management.

Mold Risks

SORA helps property owners check the risks of mold growth through access to SORA sensor and dashboard.

Financial Risk

Mold damage to your property can cost you an average of $4000. Stay ahead of mold growth automatically, and have a peace of mind.


Nudging action is sent to tenants to reduce moisture indoors. Property owners are also prompted to run maintainance checks on higher risk areas.


By using SORA humidity monitors, you provide independence to your tenant.

Mold can cause long-term respiratory illness and increase hospital visits, especially to Asthma patients.

Peace of mind

SORA educates tenants on how to maintain a healthy environment and to provide a peace of mind through visualising the invisible air. SORA is here to assist in making sure everyone is breathing healthier air.


Sometimes leaving a door or window open is all you need to do. SORA provides recommendations to maintain good humidity levels.


By using SORA property owners can stay one step ahead of mold growth. Property owners reduce their time worrying about repairs, maintaince or even legal action for mold related damages.

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